What Can Be Done for Dark Circles Under Eyes Post Lower Lid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

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Dark Circles Under Eyes After Blepharoplasty

There are many things that can cause dark circles under your eyes after eyelid surgery.  You seem to have had that tendency before the surgery, but it is worse now.  You probably have a reversible problem cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Basically people with a reasonable amount of pigment in their skin tend to heal darker if the skin is irritated or bruised. 1. Stay out of the sun (wear a good sunblock and a hat). 2. Speak to your surgeon to see if you might benefit from getting prescription creams including Retin-A and Hydroquinone.  You should be able to get this problem under control in a few months.  Good Luck.    1

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Treatment of dark circles under eyes after blepharoplasty.

It appears that the skin under your eyes is slightly darker in your before photos as well.  You had some normal appearing bruising after surgery and the inflammation in the skin that this bruising can cause can increase the pigment production in that area of the skin.  This is called:  Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.  This usually slowly resolves over several months.  If you wish to accelerate the process, check with your doctor about using some creams like Sola Quin Forte or Melanex which can help to suppress the pigmentation.

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What Can Be Done for Dark Circles Under Eyes Post Lower Lid Blepharoplasty?

      The pigmentation will usually get better with time, but followup with your surgeon for additional possible treatment.



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Bleaching cream can be tried for dark circles under the eyes after inflammation has subsided.

The skin response to trauma by increasing melanin production. After the acute inflammation has subsided sometimes this can be assisted by the use of a bleaching cream.

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Dark Circles after Lower Eyelid Surgery

Sometimes there can be persistent bruising after lower eyelid surgery. How long after your surgery were the pictures taken? If it hasn't been too long, certain lasers can be used to break up the bruises. If it has been weeks or months, I suggest you see your surgeon to ask about hyperpigmentation issues and treatment. Best of luck!

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Dark circles that persist after a blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty can not eliminate the dark circles under the eyes but it can make them better.  The darkness comes from thin skin with muscle and blood vessels underneath.  Your problem is currently being exacerbated by bruising and its resolution.  Once you are further along the problem can be re-evaluated.  In the meantime camouflage make up will help, yellow covers purple, and purple covers yellow.  

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