How do I fix my bumpy, oily, saggy, spotty skin?

I am 19, and I've had years of acne. I still do. I feel like it should be going away by now. I exercise almost daily, for about 30 minutes riding my bike to class through traffic. I don't eat fast food, I don't eat junk food often, and I have a soda maybe once a month. I wash my face atleast once a day and have been using a natural acne set from DoTerra. It is covered in tiny bumps that aren't painful or red. I could really use advice on what to do about it. I wish it would go away

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Acne treatment

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acne is a very common detmatology disease in teenagers and usually improve after 24 .But sometimes can last longer. 

Treatment of acne depends on the severity of acne and there is not just one treatment strategy for it therefore I suggest to see an expert physician for an assessment first 

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