How do you find a doctor that is skilled at G-Spot amplification?

I'm interested in G-spot amplification but don't want to go to just any surgeon or OB/GYN. Aside from finding a doctor, I've heard of just using filler but also of using stem cells. What's the difference?

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G-Shot and the other options

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You are absolutely right about seeking the help of only an expert. As an Ob/Gyn, women's sexual health is a very important area for me. My patients have seen a tremendous amount of benefit from the G shot. This is a procedure where Hyaluronic Acid filler is placed at the G spot to enhance the area for better stimulation and sensation / orgasm. You can also consider PRP injections at the Clitoral area and the anterior vaginal wall. I train doctors on feminine rejuvenation regularly. Both of these procedures along with laser rejuvenation of the vaginal and labial areas are very helpful.

How to choose a doctor for G-spot amplification?

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That is an excellent question.  As in choosing any specialist one should review the physicians credentials and reviews.  Also visit their website- is it up to date, is it informative, is the contact information readily available?  This tells a lot about the service and reputation of the physician.  Good luck!! Many women have had great results with G-O Spot Shots.

Judy Corbett, MD, FACOG
Orange Beach OB-GYN

To GShot or Not?

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I want to comment on whether you are a good canidate for the Gshot or not.  The area that this 'enhances' is a very specific erogenous zone for some women.  Not all women have and 'inside' spot that brings about orgasm or gets them over the edge, If you understand what I mean.  The Gshot is for women who have this spot and want it enhanced or had it and lost it and want to find it again.  It is not for women that want a new erogenous zone.  It is also not a treatment for anorgasmia , the absence of orgasm.  Know where your buttons are and ask for help in this area.

Dr N


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the G-shot uses hyaluronic acid gel which is the content of many of the fillers we use in the face (Juvederm, Restylane, Emervel etc)  I haven't heard of injecting stem cells but a very popular treatment is the o-shot (trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels) which is the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which does contain growth factors and stem cells. this injection is inherently safer as it is your own blood and it is difficult to cause bad side effects. But, check with someone who is knowledgeable and trained in the techniques.

Rick Balharry, MD
Calgary Physician

G spot amplification is done with fillers

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G spot amplification with fillers is a specific technique known as the G-Shot and creates a fullness in the region of the G-spot that lasts 3-6 months. The O-shot is done with platelet rich plasma (PRP) which has stem cells and is slightly different in how the injections are placed. There is no way to tell in advance if either procedure will work for you and marketing materials don't help. Just try one out if you're interested. There is certainly no downside to these temporary treatments.


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I would recommend you visit a surgeon that completes Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery and Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery on a regular basis. Typically these type of surgeons have advanced training in Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery and therefore offer many options for sexual function enhancement, with the knowledge and training to recommend safe and effective options. The traditional Gshot is completed with filler agents (hyaluronic acid similar to Juvaderm). This has been very effective to bulk the Gspot up and make it more sensitive and typically lasts in the range of 4-6 months. Stem Cells (or PRP is what it actually is, ie platelet rich plasma) has been used more recently as well for injection into the Gspot and the Peri-Clitoral region. This has also shown some promising early results as well. Best idea is to talk to an expert in Vaginal Rejuvenation and see what would be best option for your particular case.

Dr Robert Moore

Atlanta-Beverly Hills-Dubai

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