What is the weird cartilage bump right above my tip. (photos)

Hello everyone, I had a weird bump or bulge right above my tip before I do my rhinoplasty (now im at day 12) now i think its gone but im afraid its only hidden under the swelling. sorry for not providing much information due to my poor English, but i uploaded pictures to show exactly what i mean. I forgot to mention that I had a septoplasty in 2009 and the bulge appeared 2-3 months after it

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Tip irregularities after rhinoplasty take time to heal

You are too soon after your surgery to be sure what is going on.  After rhinoplasty, the skin, underlying cartilage, and fat have to adjust to the surgical changes.  In addition, there will be temporary swelling and bruising that will cloud the picture.  On top of that, there will be ongoing changes to the underlying cartilage for many months.  In reality, you need at least 12 months to be sure there will not be more changes - some good and some bad - before seeing the final result.  That is not to say that undesirable changes cannot be seen earlier,  but you do need to let them stabilize.  For now, be patient and discuss your concerns with your doctor, as he is the only one who can tell you what was done and what to expect.

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What is the weird cartilage bump right above my tip.

It is difficult to make a determination so early following a revision rhinoplasty.

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Wait at least 3 months, if the bulge you do not like still there then you need to see your plastic surgeon for evaluation and advise. Post a high resolution picture to see what you are seeing and will try to give you an advise
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