Undercorrected left eye after ptosis repair (external levator resection)? (Photo)

I had unilateral ptosis repair surgery two months ago. During the first week post op I was thought to be overcorrected so I was massaging the eyelid for about 10 days to bring it down a little. Now I'm two months post op and I feel like my left eye is smaller than my right again. Do I need revisional surgery or is the residual swelling causing this? Because sometimes it looks smaller and sometimes it doesn't. The images were taken at different times and from different angles.

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Ptosis Repair

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Hi sj78,

Thanks for your question and excellent photos. Looking at the pictures, I can appreciate that the amount of residual ptosis is variable. It would be helpful to see what your pre-operative picture looked like. Obtaining 100% symmetry can be very difficult with subtle residual ptosis so I am not sure that I would recommend a revision at this point. I would recommend you follow up with your surgeon and discuss your concerns. I hope this helps! 

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