Am I undercorrected after ptosis correctional surgery? (photos)

I had unilateral levator resection surgery on my left eye exactly 5 weeks ago. Initially, I was thought to be overcorrected and massaged my eyelid for a little over a week to go down. Now I'm 5 weeks post op and there is still a little swelling, but the eyelid seems a little undercorrected to me. Am I being paranoid? Am I gonna need another procedure?

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Ptosis post op

I think it looks pretty good. It can take up to 6 months for all the swelling to resolve. I don't believe you will need a revision surgery.

Byron A. Long, MD

Marietta Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Agree-stop massaging and let your eyelid heal.

Five weeks is not very long after ptosis.  This eyelids has months of healing to do.  Let the eyelid settle down and stop messing with it.  Time is very helpful here.  If it needs revised, it should not be done until the eyelid has healed for at least 6 months.

Post op ptosis

You seem to be healing well, and the lid height is pretty close at this point.  Don't do any more massage.  Give it more time to heal.  From the way it looks now I doubt you will want to do any revision.   

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