What treatment would you recommend for swollen eye bags, eye wrinkles, and puffiness?

im 21 and i want to know if there is any treatment done or medication i can use for my rinkles and puffiness as its getting more and my eye bags has swelling which remains and is may be peramanent plz help me.I dont want fillers,botox or any such treatments other than this plz guide me and help me if there is any medication which will really work even if its a little slow procedure

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Bulging Fat is the Cause of Lower Eyelid Bags

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The fat in the lower eyelids is prevented from bulging by being held back by a thin membrane called the orbital septum. In some people, this membrane is weak (often an inherited trait) which allows the eyelid fat to bulge, even in young people.
A good procedure to consider is a release of the weak orbital septum and re-positioning of the bulging orbital fat. This can be done through a 'hidden incision' made behind the lower eyelid. Re-positioning of the lower eyelid fat prevents the hollow, sunken look that can result from just fat removal. Patients often remark how natural the lower eye appears after the re-positioning of the lower eyelid fat. Fine creases of the lower eyelid skin can be safely treated with laser resurfacing.

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