Overcorrected eyelid after levator resection or the norm? (Photos)

I had ptosis correctional surgery on my left eye exactly 9 days ago (levator resection). My eyelid is still swollen and my doctor will be removing my stitches tomorrow but I'm worried it has been overcorrected. Will it go down once the stitches are removed and with a little massaging? Or does it seem like I have to have a revisional surgery? I'm terrified because I go to med school and can't afford to take more time off for another surgery..

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The eyelid will look slightly short looking down. This is normal.

The eyelid positions look very good.  Massaging the eyelid here will damage your surgical result.  Do not massage the eyelid unless it is at the direction of your surgeon.  I do not see anything here that would warrant eyelid massage and would not advise it if you were my patient.  Please be patient and try not to worry.  Let your eyelid heal and carefully follow the instructions of your surgeon.

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Healing normally

This is normal healing.  It is also too early to tell the final results as it takes 1-3 months.  You should not worry now.

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