About labia minor hypertrophy; does labiaplasty affect clitoris and hymen integrity?

-dose labiaplasty affect on clitoris and hymen integrity ?or in sexual desired ? - is there alternative chose for enlarged labia minor instead of surgery to reduce this enlargement? - when I should to do labiaplasty?

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Labioplasty and clitoral hood contouring should have no effect on sexual function or desire

When properly performed, labiaplasty and hood contouring should not affect your sex life except for confidence with the appearance of the area. These procedures will obviously require the removal of enlarged tissue from the area and this tissue has nerves in it. However, the remaining tissues also have nerves and these will function normally and adequately afterwards.

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Will labiaplasty affect hymen or clitoris or sexual desire? When should I do labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty refers to reshaping the labia minora to a more aesthetically or physically comfortable appearance.  A woman who has discomfort because her inner lips protrude past her outer lips is the ideal candidate.  If this discomfort is not significant then don't have surgery. There is not really an option to treat anatomical issues such as this without surgery.  This operation will not change the hymen or clitoris.  Some women want to have their hymen restored and that can be done at the same time.  But the surgery won't break the hymen if a woman has not been sexually active.   Some women have too much skin over or next to their clitoris - this should be addressed at the time of labiaplasty. This will not affect the clitoris or sexual desire. 


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Labiaplasty details

A properly done labiaplasty should not effect the integrity of the clitoris or the hymen. Other than surgery there is no other safe and effective way to reduce the labia  As far as timing, as long as you are otherwise healthy and fit for surgery, you may undergo labiaplasty any time after formal consultation with a labiaplasty specialist of your choosing. Glad to helpl

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About labia minora hypertrophy; does labiaplasty affect clitoris and hymen integrity?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  Labiaplasty affects only the tissues of the labia minora and will not affect either your clitoris or hymen.  A labiaplasty is often combined with a clitoral hood reduction to reduce the tissues that overlie the clitoris but it does not directly impact sexual sensations.  Unfortunately there is no conservative means at reducing these tissues so be sure to see a labiaplasty surgeon in consultation.

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Labiaplasty effect on hymen / clitoris and sexual desire


In a properly performed labiaplasty, hymen, clitoris and sexual desire should not be affected, long term unless things go wrong. Labiaplasty can sometimes be combined with a clitoral de-hooding procedure where the surgery is getting closer to the clitoris. Any surgery has the potential to cut through nerves and therefore affect sensation but I haven't seen any problems with the above, so far.

To clarify, labiaplasty has nothing to do with female genital mutilation (FGM). A labiaplasty aims to bring the shape of the labia back to an average (or "normal" if that is the right term) appearance, whereas FGM is destroying normal tissue.

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