My hands are dry. Do you think that my hands need chemical peel? (Photos)

Do you think that my hands need chemical peel?

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Regular glycolic exfoliation is the key to treating dry skin that moisturizers along won't help

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Superficial chemical peels like glycolic acid peels, combined with daily glycolic exfoliation and daily moisturizers, will optimally restore the water balance on the skin of the back of your hands and relieve dryness. This reason this works is that glycolic exfoliation removes the accumulated dead cells that prevents your moisturizer from working. Wishing your smooth, well hydrated skin!

New York Dermatologist

Chemical Peel for hands

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I think you are talking about the darkened, thickened skin around your knuckles. Dry skin overall is not itself an indication for a chemical peel, and a peel could make dry skin even worse. You should check with a dermatologist to make sure this is not a variant of eczema which would be treated with topical steroid ointment. If it's not, then a peel might help. My favorite peel for body parts other than the face is actually a foot peel called Baby Foot which is very good at peeling thick skin (like the heels!). You could buy a Baby Foot to use on your feet, and just take a little of the gel out of the packets and put it on your knuckles, cover with non-latex gloves and leave it on for an hour. I would not recommend Baby Foot for the palms of the hand.

Jenny Weyler, MD
Worcester Physician
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