What is the difference between Altraformer face lifting and PRP for the face & eyes?

I was planning to do RPR and then I read about Altraformer face lifting. Now I'm confused which one has better long lasting results? Thank you

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One is through ultrasound and the other one is through creating and stimulating your own body to create more collagen.

The PRP injection shows to stimulate your own body to produce more collagen. The Ultraformer face lift, which is an ultrasound technique can also do the same but it also can destroy the subcutaneous fat as well as affect the bones. None of these could happen with PRP injection.  

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Different routes, same potential destination


The Ultraformer is a device that uses micro-focused ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen formation in the skin.

The PRP a.k.a Vampire uses the platelets in your blood to form new collagen.

Once collagen is stimulated, the skin becomes tighter and smoother.

Ultraformer - Pros - non-invasive (no needles), quick to perform. Cons - potential bone damage from too much ultrasound, results depend on who is administering the treatment

PRP - Pros - stimulation of collagen, blood vessels, fibrin i.e. everything needed for healthy skin, using your own body's healing power. Cons - required good baseline health, invasive

Results for both treatments take at least 4 weeks to start showing

I think the right option would be to have a combination of both

Hope this helps

Good luck

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