Am I candidate for endoscopic tummy tuck? (Photo)

I have done complete tt before 4 months and it is a fail.The scar is weird and belly button is not seen.I feel muscle repair only in two or three spots.(it is like a triangle pattern.i dont know whether other tt candidates can spot this.excuse me if this is stupidity.)I can fit three fingers in lower abdomen when I check diastasis recti.PS has removed some skin from lower abdomen already.What question can i ask to the new PS?Do they undo the previous muscle repair?

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Significantly below the standard of care

This is a terrible technical outcome.  Poorly executed.   The belly button is much too small in diameter.  The muscle plication is inadequate.  I have no idea what the scar pattern is or where this surgeon was trained.  This is significantly below the standard of care for a properly trained plastic surgeon.

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A Difficult DIscussion


Not everyone is a candidate for tummy tuck surgery or any surgery for that matter. The reasons vary from technical to the practical: the question is whether or not you can achieve results with which you will be happy with surgery. Don't rush into surgery...Have a discussion as to what you would like with your surgeon. Hope that he or she is honest enough to give you real answers. 

Take into account that to tell a potential paying client not to pay you takes a particular type of individual. 

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No reason I can see...

for an endoscopic TT....your abdominal wall and scar pattern/location need revision and thus an open approach is appears that your umbilicus has been removed....there aren't anything terrific options to restore your belly button but I bet you can improve your results significantly in the right hands...

Good luck

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