Not Satisfied with Short Scar Lift After 2 Yrs. Can I Ask the Surgeon Who Performed It to Re-do Without Charge?

Mid twenties and I've always had a lot of cheek and somewhat of jowls no matter how skinny. I wanted to tighten my face.. I had a short scar facelift 2 yrs ago. It left me with a bubbly scar on my left ear, which was very noticeable (I never wore my hair up) and now I noticed my cheeks are sagging and my jowls are there. The other day I was a docs office for another reason and I asked him about my cheek area. He said well your cheeks are sagging and you're beginning to have jowls. He didnt know

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Facelift Revisions

   In general, if a technical error is made in the facelift then the facelift should be revised without charge.  However, touchups after 2 years or recurrence of deformities usually has a charge.

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Not Satisfied With Facelift Results And Longevity

Usually, there is rarely the need for someone in their twenties to need a face lift unless there was some kind of birth defect or severe accident of some kind, leaving behind permanent noticeable scarring. However, if you do feel there is some concern of scarring from the procedure and a revision is needed, I would recommend discussing your concerns with your surgeon who performed the procedure and see what his/her suggestions would be.

Two years after having a procedure is quite long time to wait to ask about the scar revision, this should have been something that came up in your later post ops. You will more than likely have to pay for surgical and/or O.R. fees but it is completely up to your surgeon if he will waive his fee. “Dr. D”

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Is a facelift the right procedure for you


Thank you for the question.  Each plastic surgeon has a different policy and philosophy when it comes to revisions.  Discuss this with your plastic surgeon as they may choose to revise the scar without charge.  It is difficult to comment on the cheek and jowl issue but I will say that most twenty year olds do not have enough aging to constitute a face lift .  It may be that you needed something other than a face lift to improve the facial appearance issues that you are concerned with.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Unhappy with min-lift

I think that it is rare to undergo and facelift in the mid-twenties. So, I am not surprised that you are not satisfied. The real question is whether you needed that facelift or not. Where you told that some things would improve? Well, maybe the facelift was not necessary because those issues were not correctable with a facelift to begin with.

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Not satisfied with my facelift results

It is relatively uncommon to have signs of facial aging in your mid-twenties that would be rectified with a facelift. Every surgeon has their own revision policies. I would follow up with your surgeon and ask him or her if a revision would accomplish the goals that you are looking for. There is a good chance that a revision may not be the answer.

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Is there a charge for revision two tears later?

Personally, I think mid-twenties is way too early for a facelift. Two years postop is also a little late to complain about the result. Every surgeon has his own revision policies but I would charge a reduced fee at this point but would not operate gratis. I do find it a bit odd that you complain of a bubbly noticeable scar now but do not seem to have done anything about it.

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Facelift revisions at no charge are only done for one year.


I think that is the norm, but different surgeons have different policies.  You really need to identify what you are unhappy about.  Re-doing the same thing may not help you.

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Not Satisfied with Short Scar Lift After 2 Yrs. Can I Ask the Surgeon Who Performed It to Re-do Without Charge

On the positive side, you can always ask. But in reality it has been 2 years! Most PSs would try to help at reduced fees but after 2 years you must expect to cover the surgery expenses. As for a MD fee that is a very personal decision. For me I most likely would not charge you a professional component fee. 

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