Not Satisfied with BR....lipo After 3 Months? (photo)

I had BR 1/11/13.Was a 36g, w hopes for a c/d. Surgeon removed 470 and 500 grams approximately and what he said was a lot of skin due to sagging. He thought he had gone too small and left me with a B. While its obvious I'm some smaller and perkier, at 6 weeks I struggled to find anything but a 38 dd and or mostly ddd bras. He was as surprised as I at my appt today. We will wait for the final swelling and reassess,but if not satisfied will try with lipo to achieve result. What do you think?

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Liposuction after Breast Reduction

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Breast size and shape can be somewhat difficult to assess photographically, especially in a single view.  My concern is the low nipple position, as further reduction in surgical swelling and potential liposuction would only serve to lower the position further. With swelling, give time to see where the breast volume stabilizes.  Talk to your plastic surgeon about size after the swelling has totally subsided at about 6 months post op.  Any revision regarding further reduction in size however, will require skin excision with nipple repositioning.  I would not recommend considering just liposuction for revision in this situation.

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Breast reduction and final size

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Liposuction may be a reasonable approach for you once the swelling comes down. Best to be seen in person to determine this.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Not Satisfied with BR....lipo After 3 Months?

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I agree that your result is less than acceptable. Are you sure your surgeon was a boarded PS, logo of the ASPS is the "circle"?? Seek in person second opinions and plan for a revision surgery. Good luck. 

Dissatisfied after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

I would suggest that you wait approximate 3 to 6 months from now and reevaluate. If you remain displeased with the size of the breasts, then it is likely that additional skin and breast tissue will need to be removed to  achieve your goals.

 Of course, your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you at that time, after direct examination and a full communication of your goals in front of a full-length mirror.

 Best wishes.

Liposuction for revising a breast reduction

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Enlarged breasts consist of extra fat, breast tissue and skin.  The weight makes them droop.  If not enough was done the first time (cup sizes cannot be used to judge) it is usually not the case that just liposuction alone will do because there will probably be lose skin and a saggy result.  Give the whole healing process 6 months and re-evaluate then.

Breast reduction results

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It is important to base your evaluation not on bra size but on the appearance. You need to give it time but liposuction is not a panacea. Also, know that further reduction will be considered a cosmetic procedure which will not be covered by your insurance.

Breast reduction outcome

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it's true that you likely still have some swelling present. However, based on this single image, you still have excess breast tissue and a nipple position that is low. it also seems that there isn't enough projection. I would hesitate to second guess your PS, but it would appear that you would benefit from a redo. I don't think lipo alone is enough. 

I expect that you still look much better than preop and you should be happy with that. 500 gm reduction from each breast is very significant and should help with back / neck discomfort. 


Bennett Yang, MD
Rockville Plastic Surgeon
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