Not Satisfied with my Appearance. What Can I Do Besides Nose Job?

I'm planning on getting a nose job quite soon, but I also want the opinion of plastic surgeons on what else can be improved in my face(I want to look the best that my bone structure will allow). I plan to do all of this with a qualified surgeon in the near future. Thanks.

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Rhinoplasty and functional nasal surgery

Rhinoplasty is performed to refine the features of the nose.  Usually a hump removal and sidewall narrowing are performed, such as osteotomies.  Narrowing of the tip cartilages can also be performed through dome binding suture techniques.  Alarplasty incisions can be used to reduce the nostril flare.  This is all done as an outpatient procedure and usually under general anesthesia.  

To do photo imaging with your own photo, download our iPhone app free of charge.  Just enter "Seattle Plastic Surgery with Dr. Portuese" as search terms.  Once downloaded, you can simulate rhinoplasty by changing the shape of your nose to be smaller, larger, etc... You can simulate a chin implant as well. 

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Do not do too many things at once.  A rhinoplasty may be a nice improvement for you and you m ay not want or need anything else.  Go for a consultation first.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I would just do the rhinoplasty and after everything settles down decide if you need more surgery. I suspect that you will not need anything else.

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Rhinoplasty for facial appearance.

Rhinoplasty for facial appearance with or without a chin implant ( can't evaluate from the photo) is all you require and this will make a great difference in your face if done by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Toby Mayer, MD
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