Am I too old at age 71 to have breast implant reconstruction after mastectomy?

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Too old

This would depend on your other medical issues and overall goals for reconstruction, but the short answer is no. There is no age limit for reconstruction typically. 

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Reconstruction After Mastectomy

As long as you are healthy and have no other medical issues, there shouldn’t be any problem! However, I do suggest consulting with a surgeon who has performed similar procedures to patients in your age range. Best of luck!

Edmund Ek, MBBS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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Too Old for Breast Reconstruction?

Heavens no! Your age should not determine whether to pursue breast reconstruction.  My oldest breast reconstruction patient is 81 and she did great! You do have to realize that breast reconstruction is typically many surgeries and you must be healthy enough to recover from these surgeries.  You should obtain the blessing of your primary physician to clear you for surgery.  Once you have cleared that hurdle visit with a plastic surgeon and talk to other patients so you learn what to expect. Most women do not regret the decision to do breast reconstruction.

Brian Kobienia, MD
Edina Plastic Surgeon
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Breast reconstruction

Age itself is not a contra-indication to breast reconstruction, so no 71 is not "too old" for breast reconstruction.  More important is your overall health and as well as details regarding your mastectomy and recovery afterwards. You should definitely consult with a plastic surgeon and discuss your options; don't let your calendar age stop you from making an appointment and discussing your goals!

Soumo Banerji, MD
Pasadena Physician
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