32 year old DIEP flap reconstruction after BC treatment. One C and one A? (Photos)

I am 6 wks PO, bilateral DIEP reconstruction. Complication with abdominal incision opening up so have a wound VAC to heal faster. My other concern is now my breast sizes! I had a right single mastectomy 06/15 prophylactic left at time of reconstruction. Wore a regular padded bra for the first time today (my old bra pre surgeries, 34B push up) and I'm fairly certain the left is a C and my right is an A cup! I'm so incredibly disappointed. The left barely fits and the right doesn't fill the cup:(

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32 year old DIEP flap reconstruction after BC treatment. One C and one A?

Thank you for your pictures and questions. At 6 weeks postop from such a large procedure, I would not worry right now about how you fit into a bra. You are still recovering from surgery and things are not going to settle and even out for weeks to months. It is not uncommon to have a difference in size with the flaps because the retained breast skin can be different from side to side and the portion of the DIEP flap that was viable and retained can be different from side to side. I would maintain close follow up with your plastic surgeon and be patient. If after 3-6 months, you are still unhappy with the difference in size, you can discuss placing an implant under the flap on the smaller side or even consider fat grafting if the difference is small.

Hope this helps!

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Once everything is healed, it is possible to add volume to your breast by using an implant for instance. You should follow up with your surgeon and follow their recommendations.

32 year old DIEP flap reconstruction after BC treatment. One C and one A?

Thank you for Asking this question.

I am glad your DIEP flaps are healing well. 

Of course please seek your Surgeon's advise re this...

However, the discrepant size between left and right reconstructed breast  is  not uncommon since left mastectomy was done for prophylactic reason and it's possible more of your native tissue was preserved.

It may take up to 3 months for initial "un-even swelling" to resolve...

After sufficient healing time ( 3+months ) if the discrepancy persists, this can be addressed during your planned "Flap revision procedure" by sculpting the larger side down and performing Fat grafting to your smaller side to achieve excellent symmetry :) 

Happy Healing and Wishing you the best  reconstruction result!

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