Would you recommend a glycolic peel or derma rolling on my type of akin? (photos)

So I have been struggling with huge pores and redness around my nose down to my mouth area (and apples of cheeks)for years now. I have normal to dry skin and not sensitive, 21 years old. I was reading about either a 10% peel that I would leave on for less than a minute or using a derma roller with 0.5mm needles. I am not looking for any drastic changes, I just want the redness to go away and the tone to be more even. I've tried everything from serums to lotions, nothing worked. Your suggestion?

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Treatment for redness

Redness may be secondary to rosacea which can be difficult to treat. If it is rosacea, then laser or light based treatments such as KTP or pulsed dye lasers can minimize the redness and help improve the pores.  However, redness can recur after 6 months to several years. Topicals such as niacinamide, low dose retinoic acid, and finacea may help the rosacea or redness.  There is also a new cream on the market called Mirvaso which can also minimise the redness.  Microneedling or dermaroller is unlikely to help the redness or pores.

In terms of pores, you may want to consider laser genesis which can help reduce pore size.  there are other options such as Fraxel treatments.  

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