Can I get my money back? If not, where do I go from here?

My teeth were straight to start with, some very minor crowding which did not bother me on the bottom front two teeth and a minor space in between my front top left tooth and the one paired next to it (did bother me). The ortho I chose advertised Invisalign and said I was a perfect candidate. He then said he used a different company to make the trays because it was more cost effective. After nearly $3,000 and finding out he used simpli5 I have more spaces in my teeth and dislike them even more.

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Let's Talk Teeth

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Dear kingalana,

Thank you for posting on RealSelf.  I will do my best to provide an answer with the information provided.

Simpli5 is used to treat minor tooth movemets.  As you probably already know, it is only a series of five clear aligners and is not the same as Invisalign.  I recommend scheduling a consultation with your treating doctor and see if he is willing to put the money that you already paid to finish with Invisalign.  You will probably incur a higher cost, but ultimately you will achieve your desired result.

If you feel uncomfortable continuing treatment with this doctor, I recommend scheduling a consultation with an orthodontic specialist who will obtain the necessary information to provide you with the best treatment options.

I hope that this helps and best of luck.

Dr. Jenn

Unhappy with results of treatment

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Invisalign or any type of orthodontic treatment is not a commodity like gasoline or sugar.  The quality of the final result depends on the doctor, not the appliance.  Talk to your doctor if you are not happy with the results....if still not happy you might have to chalk it up to experience and do more research before putting your money down. 

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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