Can my Caesarian scar endometriosis be treated with a tummy tuck?

I had two children via c-section (2010,2012), but this past year was diagnosed with Caesarian scar endometriosis from endometrial seeding at the time of delivery. I also have minimal to medium diastasis rectus, along with a lot of loose skin. My question is if I had a tummy tuck could these lumps be removed as part of the same procedure? Also I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and was wondering if there could be any possible coverage from provincial health care? Thank you!

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Hello, if the abnormal tissue is confined solely to the layer of skin and tissue that would be removed during a tummy tuck, it is possible that it might be completely excised during the procedure.  You would need a proper assessment and possibly imaging (CT or MRI).  I would be surprised if a tummy tuck would be covered; more likely your provincial health insurance would only cover removing the lumps (which is not the same operation).

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