Which procedures should I be looking into to fix my smile? (Photo)

I know that I will have to seek out a cosmetic dentist for specifics, but I'm wondering what procedures I should be asking about/looking to find reputable specialists in in order to fix my teeth problems. Gum lifts? Veneers (if so, how many?) My main issues are the chippy/uneven front two and the giant gummy right side. I'm obvs a grinder who now wears a mouth guard :-). Also, I'm not this crazy-looking and night-oil shiny most of the time! :-). I don't need teeth A++++ perfect, but better, pls.

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Think About a Smile Makeover -- and a Consultation

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Thank you for including photos with your question. At a glance, a smile makeover may work for you, but the best discussion about specific procedures or treatments is informed by X-rays and a complete assessment of your facial anatomy. Find a board-certified periodontist or orthodontist who can diagnose the reason for the asymmetry shown in your photos. Good luck.

Uneven smile

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You are a beautiful lady with a beautiful smile but with a little bit of asymmetry noted in the jaws. This translates to a slightly uneven smile and gum line. You need to consult with an oral surgeon who will work with an orthodontist to possibly move your teeth into a more ideal position and reposition your upper or lower jaw. You are not a candidate for gum lift surgery as your teeth have erupted fully and all this will accomplish is to expose your roots and make you very uncomfortable 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
Toronto Periodontist

Choosing the right procedure

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Thank you for the clear photos.  This certainly helps when making
decisions online.  I believe you are a candidate for veneers/crowns
depends on the condition of your teeth and how the xrays present.
You have a slightly canted (tipped) smile so in general the gum tissue
will follow suit.  Since your smile seems to rise upwards to your left
the gum on your right is a bit lower.  I would certainly address that
by raising the gum line on your right side.  how much would depend
on where your final design is intending on finishing.  you have a bit
of an aggressive look to some of your teeth and by this i mean your
edges are quite worn and flat.  I would create new veneers that
would rebuild those edges so they are a bit more softer and feminine.
This would give you a much more approachable smile.  The color and
symmetry would also enhance your smile and give it some Pop!
Have your dentist do a diagnostic waxup design so you can see the
recommended changes before they actually get done.

Derek Faktor, DMD
New York Dentist

Smile enhancement

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It is hard to tell from the photo but I suspect that the reason your right side is more "gummy" than the left side is that your lip lifts more on the right when you smile.  A correct diagnosis here will be important.  Once the lip is even you will be looking at a combination of gum re-contouring, with a scalpel or with a laser and new restorations.  Best of luck.

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