Why has my upper implant fallen out 11 days after surgery?

I had surgery just 11 days ago for 3 upper implants, 2 of them short ones to avoid sinus lift. Today one short implant came out suddenly. Does it mean it will keep falling? Are all implants have same shape? This one looks wide at the buttom and very tiny half part upper. Thank you.

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Implant Fallen out

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It's very possible that you could have lost a healing abutment. It's very common for patients to think that the healing abutment, because it is threaded like a screw, is the actual implant. I agree that you should return to your surgeon as soon as possible as they will most likely have to make a small incision to expose the implant in order to reconnect the healing abutment. Regardless, the best way to determine what actually happened is to return to your dentist as soon as possible. 

Implant Surgery

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Was it the cover screw that came off or the entire implant? The treatment varies differently on what happened. You should go back to the dentist who placed the implants and have them evaluated. Or you could post a picture of what fell out. 

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

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