I am s/p 4 days BA with lift. Is it normal to have implants still high on chest and under arm? (Photo)

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Assymetry post lift/aug

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From your photos there is a great amount of asymmetry and I would be concerned that you may have a hematoma or blood collection on the left.Call your surgeon. 

Normal post op result?

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In a word, NO, this is not normal.  There seems to be significant distortion with significant asymmetry.  Rather than posting photos on line, make an appointment to see your plastic surgeon immediately.

After lift with implant

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You should have your surgeon evaluate you for possible hematoma.   You have significant distortion of your breasts.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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Fullness after BA and left

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Hello, sometimes the implants can be sitting high on the chest and will take time to drop, but in your case one breast also appears substantially larger.  I would recommend reporting this to your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Is This Normal after a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

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  • The photo you have provided shows a lot of asymmetry between the two breasts, and the shape of the breast that is on the right side of the photo (not sure if it is your right or left breast) looks odd. 
  • Definitely make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to be evaluated as soon as possible.  You may have a hematoma (collection of blood) that needs to be removed.

Please see your surgeon

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Your left breast on the picture looks much bigger and there is bruising over the fold and cleavage. I am concerned about possible hematoma and would rrecommend evaluation by your surgeon.

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