I Tried Dysport for my Crows Feet for the First Time. 120 Units and 3 Point Injections. When Will I See Full Results?

Did I have enough units for my first visit? I have very thin, sensitive skin. I used Botox 10 years ago, and it swelled my forehead very badly. I tried Dysport this time because of my sensitivity before to Botox. Dysport did not give me any reaction like Botox.

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Dysport to crow's feet

120 units of Dysport is a lot to only treat your crow's feet?? 150 units total is pretty standard for a full treatment of Dysport which would include the glabella (between the brow's), the full forehead, AND the crow's feet. That being said, full results of any neuromodulator should be within 7-10 days so you should see results within that timeframe.

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