Could you still carry a baby in your stomach after having a tummy tuck?

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Tummy tuck

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Having babies is special I reccomend that you wait until after you have your children to have a tummy tuck.
I invented the MALIBU tummy tuck . Not only do the patients look good in a bikini and their belly buttons look natural. 
Postoperative pain is minimal and recovery is quicker versus traditional technique. I've  had patients who are driving as early as 4 days after surgery.
I hope you find this useful . Please see accompanying video .

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Pregnancy after a tummy tuck

Yes, most patients are able to have a normal pregnancy after an abdominoplasty.  Unless a mesh was used to strengthen the abdomen at the time of abdominoplasty, your muscles and skin should be able to stretch out normally and accomodate a developing baby.  I have a number of patients who  have been unhappy with the appearance of their stomach after significant weight loss or  pregnancy and have had an abdominoplasty, knowing that they may want to become pregnant in the future.  Of course, a pregnancy can stretch out your abdomen again, so you could lose some of the beneficial effects of the skin and muscle tightening from the surgery.  Everyone's story is different: the woman who has lost 120 lbs and had her extended abdominoplasty before getting married and starting her new life.  The woman who had a baby when she was 15 and is now in her early 30's and wants to be happy with her stomach before dating again, but may still want to become pregnant when she finds the right partner.If your are planning on having more children soon, I would wait until you are done with your pregnancies to have an abdominoplasty.  I saw a woman recently who doesn't like the appearance of her stomach after her first baby.  But after talking to her and finding that she wanted to have another baby in the next year or two, I recommended that she wait on an abdominoplasty.  So the decision on when to have an abdominoplasty is different for everyone.  Most patients wait until they are done having children. But you should still be able to have a baby after an abdominoplasty.  Good luck to you with your decision.

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Could you still carry a baby in your stomach after having a tummy tuck?

Pregnancy and delivery can occur after tummy tuck is performed.
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