Breast augmentation & lift on left breast?

I had a breast augmentation & a left breast lift done in March of 2016. I am not happy with the results whatsoever. My breast sag and my left breast is way bigger than the right. My nipple he did the lift through looks completely deformed so I had him make it smaller and try to make it more round about four months after the lift and augmentation. It's still healing but I'm still not satisfied with my nipple. It's very depressing to look at and I just don't know what to do.

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Two options

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  1. I am not sure how recent the photo without a top on is, it appears your left breast is swollen and still in a healing stage in that photo with the pleating. 
  2. Option 1- downsize left to match right
  3. option 2- upsize right to match left- the better option in my mind.
  4. you DO have a noticeable size discrepancy,more easily appreciated without clothes on than with, most people unless they are very critical would not notice the difference with you in the bathing suit. 
  5. What to do- either go back to your surgeon and see what he/she will do for you, OR find a new surgeon to fix the problem. 

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