Is there any way a Breast Augmentation would fix this problem? (photos)

My breasts are very uneven, im moving forward towards a breast aug, however im very worried they will be same after, and the major difference will still be there .

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Assymetry pre aug

From your photos you need to habe the right breast lifted and then an assymetrical aug.Since the right is bigger I would do a lift then establish the size on the left and then augment the right accordingly.Also it depends on how big you want to become.

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Is there any way a Breast Augmentation would fix this problem?

Hi. I would caution you aganst having abilateral breast augmentation. Th eright side needs to have a breast lift with implnats and the left needs to have a simple breast augmenation. This is a moderate degree of asymmetry and more than likley you will still have some afterb your surgery. Understand that that symmetry in the human being does not exist. So, you need to look at your expectations. If they are realistic, you should be very plesaed. Good luck Dr. PG

Jose Perez-Gurri, MD, FACS
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Asymmetrical Breasts

While you have fairly significant asymmetry, your breasts are attractive and symmetry can be achieved with a right mastopexy or breast lift alone or lift and augmentation. Seek out an experienced plastic surgeon who will help you make your decision.

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
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Breast Asymmetry

Great question! I hope you know you are not alone! The vast majority of women have some degree of breast asymmetry, some more than others. A visit with a board certified plastic surgeon will help you understand your options. Breast augmentation will likely help remedy quite a bit of the asymmetry, but you are still likely to have significant asymmetry if augmentation alone is used.

The easiest way for you to see this is by looking at your nipple position in the photo. The nipple can't be moved very easily by augmentation alone, so you may need a lift on the right side. Your in-person exam and consultation will help to determine your options.  Best of luck to you!

Emily J. Kirby, MD
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Uneven breast

Thank you for your question. It does appear you have significant asymmetry of your breast. A breast lift on your larger breast with an augmentation on the other breast would give you better symmetry. Please understand that even with these procedures you will still have some degree of asymmetry. I recommend finding a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for a consultation.

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
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Breast lift and Augmentation

Yes, with an augmentation on the L side and a lift on the Right side you should greatly improve symmetry. 

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Breast Augmentation

Hello and thank you for your question.

Breast augmentation can help women who have never been happy with the size and volume of their breasts. There are a number of choices to make so you get the results you desire. Many of the decisions have to do with the size and shape of your breast implants, in addition to your current breast size. Other choices involve surgical techniques, such as where the incisions will be made and the specific location of the implants.

I recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Jeremy A. Benedetti, MD
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Is there any way a Breast Augmentation would fix this problem?

Yes, a breast lift on the lower side to match the higher side and breast implants on both sides, larger on the smaller side. Please see the link below on treatment of breast asymmetry:

Is there any way a Breast Augmentation would fix this problem?

I've seen this many times. A breast augmentation alone WILL NOT correct the problem. The diagnosis is: excess skin on the right and a paucity of skin on the left as well as more volume on the right and less on the left. In order to create a close a match right to left as possible - you will need a mastopexy on the larger lower side. Once you remove the excess skin on the right- you can then be more accurate about the volume difference. 

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Breast Asymmetry

based on the photos - .2 options
1 - reduce the right side to match the left
2 - reduce the right side and place implants on both sides

these cases are not easy and you need to see a plastic surgeon experienced in these cases. only other issue is that the breasts will age differently with the right side possibly needing some additional skin out in the future. one thing I am doing very frequently on the lift/augmentation cases is to add some support material - sort of an internal bra to prevent recurrent droopiness. I usually use strattice or seri silk but other mesh like galaflex may be used as well

Jason Pozner, MD
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