Did my otoplasty go wrong? (Photo)

I had my otoplasty done just one week ago but the results were nothing like I was expecting. I don't know if I'm overreacting too early but as you can see on the two pictures I had prominent ears before and after surgery they look very asymmetrical. The right ear is too much pinned than the left one and I didn't take the stitches on both of them yet as well. According to my doctor it's because of swelling but that didn't convince me at all. I'd like to hear from the specialists. Thank you!

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Did my otoplasty go wrong?

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Your ears were pinned too much in the lower area and, in relation to that, were not pinned enough in the upper third. The upper third is also more prominent because the helix is shovel-shaped and curved forwards and outwards here. The anatomy of the helix is not be changed by an otoplasty, no matter whether it is with the traditional method or with the stitch method. This particular anatomy can be made less conspicuous by bending the upper third of the antihelix more strongly with stitches, thus moving the helix nearer the head in the process. You should speak to your surgeon and ask him if he is prepared to give you revision surgery to move your ears further away from your head again at the bottom, which should still be possible so shortly after the operation, and move the upper third closer to your head at the same time. If you were operated on with the stitch method, then these changes can also be made later, e.g. after 3 months, or even later.

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