Does this wound looks like it is healing? Very concerned it is infected (Photo)

I had BR 6 weeks ago. On the third week of the surgery, right under breast started to open up little by little to now this nasty wound. It seems it only gets worst and deeper and now it is starting to hurt a little and to have a discharge that looks like pus. Unfortunately I did the surgery in a different country and now following up with a different PS - going to see him again today. This is affecting my work and life. I'm desperate and very depressed - please help!

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Wound healing problems after breast reduction

Sorry to hear this happened to you. Wound healing problems are fairly common after breast reductions, especially if you had a lot of tissue taken off. Your wound does appear to be healing because there is a rim of redness around the edges as well as some pink colored tissue in the open area. These are all good signs, however do understand (and I'm sure the plastic surgeon seeing you will tell you this as well), that it will likely take 1-2 more months for this to completely heal, and it may heal with a widened scar. You should make sure you get very explicit wound care instructions from your plastic surgeon when you see him/her as this can help optimize the eventual scar appearance and expedite healing. Best of luck.

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Wound Healing After Breast Reduction Surgery

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your decision to undergo #breast reduction surgery. I'm sorry you are unhappy though! It does appears that you have had some #wound breakdown. It is one of the #complications of having this surgery and usually can be managed with local wound care. One thing you should know, is that every person and every #incision heals differently. You breast reduction incisions can even heal differently on each of your breasts. To increase your chances of proper healing, you should be following ALL of your post-operative instructions. A small amount of clear drainage is possible if the incision is not completely closed. However, the things you should be concerned with are: sudden increase in swelling and pain, increased redness around the incision, an oral temperature greater than 100.4 and drainage that is think yellow or green in color or if it is foul smelling. If any of these occur, you need to contact your surgeon immediately. Best wishes!

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