Why do I need to wait to get a rhinoplasty revision? (Photo)

I plan to get a nose tip revision surgery after 7 months from my first surgery. I know most doctors advise to wait for at least one year but why? I am sure I won't like my nose after 1 year cause the reason why I want another surgery is because it's too upturned and the cartilage placement on the tip made it look long. Is it because of scar tissue? Now I'm afraid the surgery won't be successful. I feel my tip still gets really swollen sometimes even though the surgeon said it will be ok

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Best Timing for Revision Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for your post and sharing your concerns. It is common to be anxious and want to correct any concerns you may have right away. The reason to wait one year before scheduling your surgery is to allow the nasal skin and soft tissue to regain a healthy recovery and give enough time to decrease the swelling. By waiting, you will decrease the risks associated with a revision procedure and allow your surgeon to best evaluate your nasal appearance and anatomy for the planning of a beautiful revision. With time, you will improve your chances for a successful surgery. Please try to be patient. Best Wishes. 

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