Does grafted fat cause sagging in the future?

I had buccal fat removal and I wish to reverse it permanently. However I keep reading bad things about fat transfer and some people say that the body fat is heavier than facial fat and will eventually push the tissue downwards, causing fat accumulation in the lower face and sagging!! :( I feel very sad cause I really wanna reverse the buccal fat removal permanently and this is pretty much my only option (i don't want fillers). How does the grafted fat behave in the long term (once it survives)?

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Does grafted fat cause sagging in the future?

the only way it could cause sagging is if there were too much placed and it all survived or if it grows later on. If you face thins out and the  fat grafts stay the same   it may look like it has grown.

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Fat transfer and sagging

Fat transfer is a great procedure where by the new fat is placed in layers and evenly on the new tissue bed whereby is is going...... Because it needs to be placed in a fine layer and smooth, it lays flat and contours the new area. It must be done precisely and carefully by the surgeon and is technique dependent.  Due to this, it does not cause sagging, rather, it acts like the tissue it is placed next to.... For instance, when placed next to the bone in the chin, it acts like a chin implant. When placed in the thigh, it can fill a defect and make the thigh even again.  It ages with the body and remains long term.  I have used it all over the face just as you would filler, and your problem should be able to be addressed by this procedure.  A physical exam is the best way to know.  Thank you.  Good luck.  

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