Swollen nose during rhinoplasty revision?

I'm gonna go under a revision and my doctor recommended me to wait at least 10 months to do it. He's gonna alter the tip of my nose but I'm afraid my it isn't gonna be completely healed by then since it still keeps getting swollen everyday. I'm now 6 months post op and it still swells as much as it used to 3 months ago, so I don't believe it's gonna stop doing it by the 10 months mark or more :( I can't wait any more than that though. Is it ok to perform a revision surgery on a swollen nose tip?

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Swollen nose during rhinoplasty revision?

If the nose is still healing, it is best to wait on the revision.  There are cases that a revision is needed to remove swollen tissue, but your surgeon will need to determine that based on an exam.

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