I can't do push ups after BA?

I had breast implants over the muscle and switched them to dual plane 6 months ago. I never cared about doing push ups but I've now been thinking of becoming a police officer and the training involves doing a lot of push ups. I tried it today and I couldn't do a single one!!! I feel the muscles pulling the implants and I have no strength. I literally fell on the floor and couldn't go up. :( is it permanent? I didn't want to have them over the muscle again cause it was causing my breasts to sag.

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This is difficult to answer as it can vary on a person-by-person basis.  Your pectoralis major muscle has been detached from its lower attachments but should still be attached to your sternum, so there may be some weakness of the muscle from surgery but should still be functional.  At the same time, if you have never done push-ups it is not uncommon to be unable to perform a push-up even without breast augmentation.  You may need start training by performing pushups with your knees down before progressing to toes down only to strengthen your pectoralis and triceps muscles.  Hope that helps and have a happy Holidays!

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