Am I gonna get a double bubble breast? (Photo)

I had a BA 5 months ago. 1 month after the first surgery, the muscle of one of my breasts ripped and released the implant. I had another surgery to tighten the muscle but this boob looks a bit more saggy than the other (since I have more breast tissue in it). When I jump, for example, only this one that looks loose (like it's not attached to it). It's also a bit higher than the other. I'm afraid I'm gonna get a double bubble appearance on it sonner than I expect. Is it gonna get any better?

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No double bubble

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Hi and thanks for your question.  You are describing a complicated post operative course and it is difficult to say what exactly is going on.  It would be best if you had an exam with a plastic surgeon who can evaluate your breast, the fold and any double-bubble that may be going on.  From what I do see on the photos, I don't appreciate a double bubble in the R breast.  You do seem to have some difference in the IMF and lower pole, but that can be normal.  Additionally, since you had surgery on one side and not the other for a ruptured muscle, it is possible they are healing at different rates and will eventually end up more symmetric.

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Christopher C. Chang, MD 

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

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