How much fat should I get transferred?

I got buccal fat removal done 5 months ago and I regret it more than anything. My doctor is gonna perform a fat transfer to my cheeks to fix it. He said my buccal fat pads size were average. How many cc's of fat should I get in order to restore my buccal pads? I'm afraid of having to get a big amount of fat and end up with a puffy face in case I gain some weight. Thank you

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Fat grafting after buccal fat pad excision

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This is one of my biggest issues with the movement towards contour - where some people feel that the answer is always "buccal fat pad excision".  In most patients, adding volume to the mid face, rather than subtracting it from the buccal area, greatly improves the natural aesthetics of the face and gives a youthful, heart shape.  My rant aside, without pictures, it is hard to determine.  Often times when doing fat grafting, a lot is used to help recontour the cheek and lateral jawline area.  Everyone is a little different, and the most important thing to remember is that 1cc of fat does not equal 1cc of filler.  They function intrinsically differently.  All these things should be discussed with your doctor prior to  the procedure just so everyone is on the same page.  Best of luck to you.

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Fat transfer to replace buccal fat removal

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With good photos it is impossible to give any opinion.You need to discuss this with your surgeon during planning.

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