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My doctor performed a buccal fat removal during my rhinoplasty and I hate the results. My face is not thin but I still don't like it. Something I noticed and I'm not sure if got worse after the procedure was my perioral mounds. It looks so bad under some kinds of lightings. I wanna get rid of it. My doctor will perform a fat transfer to my cheeks to correct the pads extraction. Is this gonna help fix the mounds as well? Can I do a mini liposuction on them? I think it's more fat other than skin

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How can I correct this? = by addressing the underlying cause #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval #chubbycheeks

In order to have a chiseled facial appearance after buccal fat removal, it is necessary to have good cheek bone structure. When buccal fat removal is performed in patients with inadequate cheek bone projection, lower facial skin could "hang" and cause skin folds close to the corners of the mouth. Therefore in these cases, lateral cheek augmentation with fillers like voluma could address the problem while enhancing the chiseled appearance of the face. 

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