How many cc's do I need to get injected in my cheeks?

I had buccal fat removal, which I regret and now I'm willing to reverse it. My doctor said he can do a fat transfer to refill the buccal fat pads pockets. How many cc's would be needed to replace the pads? I know he will have to overfill a bit, so not everything is absorbed. However, is that ok to inject all this fat in the buccal fat pocket, instead of doing it in layers? Any chances it will get lumpy or be completely absorbed? Thank you

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How many cc's do I need to get injected in my cheeks?

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fat can be used. there is some risk that it will grow with time and perfect symmetry is not guaranteed. It may need to be redone or some fat removed. If it were my face,  I would be  use an HA filler  which should last a few years.

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