More nervous than ever - I don't feel like I should be sitting and feel my stomach should be flat!

Hi all, I just had my post op appt with my surgeon (bbl on 6/1) he said that I am able to sit "regular" now. And said I don't have much swelling. That makes me extremely nervous bc I do not feel my stomach should stick out as much as it does. I'm nervous that if start sitting regular, the little fat he put in (300 cc) will die! I don't feel like I should be sitting and feel my stomach should be flat! If I'm not that swollen, y does my tummy stick out so much?

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Swelling after lipo possibly

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I'm not sure how you looked before your surgery but you might have substantial swelling that's causing your stomach to bulge. I'd give it a few more weeks to see if your stomach flattens out. In the meantime, follow your surgeon's instructions.

BBL Questions

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I notice you are frequently posting questions that are very appropriate to ask your surgeon.  Why don't you speak with your surgeon?  He/She has the best advice as they were PRESENT at the surgery.  I am not trying to be negative with you; I just think that your surgeon will be able to answer ALL of your questions.  Answers from the rest of the physician community will not be as good as the doctor that performed your surgery.


Matthew J Nykiel, MD

BBL and lipo 10 days ago, feel my stomach should be flat.

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Thank you for your question and photos. Preop photos would've been helpful. You had a very small amount of fat transferred to the buttocks. Although the photos are of limited view, you seem to have swelling or inadequate fat removal and sculpting. Was this done under local? That might explain the poor shape and minimal enhancement. My approach to this is VASER HiDef Lipo for the sculpting which allows for more viable fat removal without excess trauma to the tissue. At this point you need to wait about 6 months to heal then be reevaluated by your surgeon or seek a second in person opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in advanced body sculpting techniques. Good luck. BTW, you can sit now.

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