Fever Will Not Subside, 3 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck Fever @102 for 2 Days?

My tummy tuck was on June 7th about 10 hours from where I live. I just had my 4 drains removed yesterday.. No seromas so far, but no leaking either...I was told to take them out because they were causing an infection. But I have been on Augmentin since my surgery and I was just Put on Bactrim also. My fever worried me so I went to the ER and they did CAT scan, blood work, and a culture of my belly button....my surgeon is not available until Monday at 2. Help and YES I know I need to see my PS.

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Problems after a tummy tuck

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Your doctor should have a doctor covering for him, unless laws are more liberal in your state.  You should be able to contact that covering doctor for help and advice.  And you can always see a local plastic surgeon (expect to pay full fees) as conscientious surgeons would see you even if you were not their patient.  And if this is something covered by your insurance, you can see any doctor on your panel.  I wish more doctors would discourage patients from traveling long distances for surgery due to situations such as yours. 

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A surgeon should always be available to you after in abdominoplasty.

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You not stated what the test in the emergency room showed. Obviously one would be worried about a deep infection. This should have been demonstrated on the CAT scan. In the immediate postoperative period your surgeon or surrogate should be available 24 seven.

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