Chin implant for 20 years & it needs to be removed for medical reasons. I am afraid it's going to look wrinkly or saggy? (Photo)

I have an inflamed zit like thing under my chin. at first i thought it was a ingrown hair but i have had this for the last 30 days now. it was infected but now it's just there like a zit.

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CHin infection

First you must determine if the implant is infected.  You should see a plastic surgeon or and have the "zit" treated which may require drainage and/or antibiotics, etc and determine if the implant is the source of infection.  If that is the case then the only solution is to have the implant removed and not replaced.  That will give you the opportunity to evaluate your appearance and determine the need for replacement of the chin implant after you have fully recovered and the infection is resolved.  Removing a chin implant can create a droopy chin or contour irregularities but this won't be known until the implant has been removed.

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Chin implant for 20 years & it needs to be removed for medical reasons. I am afraid it's going to look wrinkly or saggy?

Dear nicole1221You first need to determine if the implant is infected. If it is infected and you remove the implant, depending on type of implant used you will have different results. If its a silicone implant, you have have little tissue loss and a persistent capsule. Likely not a huge difference and not much "sagging". If its a Goretex or Medpor, you are more likely to have volume and tissue loss at time of removal. I think your option is rather clear. If infected, remove implant. Wait a few months for infection and swelling to resolve. If at that point you were under-projected, have an evaluation for a new implant and if its safe, proceed with getting a new implant.Look for an experienced and properly trained plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery. see more than one consult and make a well informed decision.

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Is chin implant removal necessary?

Based on your description of current medical condition it doesn't mean that you have to have chin implant removed. You should visit your surgeon (if he is still in practice and/or available) or a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in facial implants for clinical evaluation and discuss your options. Good luck.

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Infected Chin Implant?

Are you saying that you think the chin implant is causing an infection? If so, then the implant needs to be removed in order for the infection to heal. You can consider re-implantation once the infection is over and the area has had a chance to heal properly. In the short term, you may not see much sagging or change. Hopefully, you can have a new chin placed to restore any volume or projection needed to enhance your appearance later. If only the skin is infected via a small pustule, ingrown hair or abcess, then get help for the skin infection and leave your implant alone. Please see a specialist for the best advise and treatment. 

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