Should I Get a Mammogram Before or After I Replace my 15 Year Old Implants? Or Can They Doing Something During the Procedure?

I'm thinking of replacing my 15 year old saline implants. My implants are over the muscle and I've never had any issues with them but after having 2 kids my skin is thinner, the implants are sagging a bit and I can feel a lot of rippling around the edges. I'm turning 40 this year and need a mammogram. Should I get it done before I replace the implants, afterwards or is there something they can do during the replacement procedure? Thank you

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Mammogram before surgery

This is a great question. Having your mammogram prior to your breast surgery will give you a good baseline, since you are planning to have your implants replaced.  If there is any issue, it would be advisable to know this prior to surgery as it might affect your decision. 

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Mammograms before surgery

Your question is a good one- you should have a mammogram before your operation so that there is a baseline study to show how your breast looks now, before any changes may occur during survey.  If anything unusual is found, it can be dealt with at the time of your operation.

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Breast screening before surgery


Thank you for the question.  Ideally, your breast screening would be performed before surgery.  This may include mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI.  The reason for this is mainly that if there are concerns a biopsy, if needed, can be performed before or during your breast revision procedure.  It also helps with getting a baseline before additional surgery changes occur.

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#Mammogram and #BreastSurgery

You should get a mammogram before your procedure especially since you are 40 and it is recommended. You want to ensure that there is nothing specific that should be addressed at the time of the surgery. Nothing intraoperative can be done without the mammogram results. 

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Vincent Marin, MD
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Should I Get a Mammogram Before or After I Replace my 15 Year Old Implants


If there are any abnormal findings that need to be addressed, they will have priority over the implants exchange, and you would have been done a disservice by finding this out just after a surgery.

All the best.

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Mammogram before Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

Best to have the mammogram done before the planned breast procedure.

 Best wishes.

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Mammogram Before Replacing Breast Implants

   I recommend to all of my patients who are in need of a mammogram to get this study and have the results prior to the consideration for surgery.  It would be foolish to go through an operation and then find out that something else surgically needs to be done, IMHO.  Good luck.

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