What is the best lazer for having skinnier thighs? Cool sculpting? Venus Legacy or Venus freeze?

I need to have skinnier and firmer skin from knee up.

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Skinnier thighs

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Venus Freeze and Legacy are intended for tightening the skin.  CoolSculpting is a treatment that chills the skin to the temperature at which fat cells shift into  "apoptosis" after which they are permanently eliminated.  I believe you would be happy with the new CoolFit applicator to the inner thighs, and the new CoolSmooth applicator to the outer thighs, which should result in permanent reduction of the thickness of the fatty tissue.

If you have any laxity, I believe PelleFirm would be the most effective approach, and could be considered after CoolSculpting.

Many devices work well, not just one

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The first thing that I always tell people is we need to determine what is actually causing you to have concerns. If there is fat in the area, CoolSculpting will work well with their new applicator when used by a skilled professional. The original applicators will not work on thighs. A new device, UltraShape, is also useful for this area, although at this time it is off label. If there is skin laxity and tightening is key, or cellulite, then radiofrequency devices will work best, and there are a lot of these devices out there that work well on the thought. Each doctor's office will have their preference, and all can give good results -- over time. Venus Freeze or Legacy works well, Alma Accent or VShape works well, EndyMed 3DEEP works well, BTP Exilis works well, Pollogen Apollo works well, and many others. If a physician bashed one device and praises only one, be skeptical as most of the time they only have that one and are only interested in using that one -- where others like us have many and will pick the best one based on user experience. 

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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CoolSculpting is Great for Skinnier Thighs

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CoolSculpting is not a laser but rather a technique that gets rid of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat by freezing them. It delivers an undeniable reduction of fat after only two months - we really love this technology for eliminating fat and delivering results like skinnier thighs, exactly what you're looking for. Best of all it's virtually painless and requires no surgery or downtime. For skin tightening, you will need to talk to your surgeon or specialist about which laser treatment is right for you. 

Thin thighs and CoolSculpting

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By far the best treatment for the inner and outer thighs is the new adaptor form coolsculpting. The inner thighs are treated with the cook fit applicator and the coolsmooth applicator is designed for the outer thighs. These applicators work via freezing the fat without any suction involved. The treatment is extremely simple, effective, and painless.  For the best results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with these procedures. 

Skinnier thighs

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If the goal is skinnier (less fat) thighs than coolsculpting is the best nonsurgical option with the Coolfit applicator for inner thighs and Coolsmooth for outer thighs.

Skinny Thighs and Lasers

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I love velshape III, for just skin tightening and fat loss/cellulite improvement.  If you are a candidate for liposuction/contouring however, then it would be best to go with doing a procedure.  Thermage has had some great success in my hands as well.  Vanquish doesn't work well at all.  I used to do a lot of coolsculpting but most my patients were happier with liposuction.  I suggest going to a body contouring expert for a consultation to get all the options.  Without photos it is hard to tell what is best for you.  Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thanks for the question while all of these devices can help from a non surgical perspective I have been most impressed with venus freeze technology

Best Way To Get Skinnier Thighs

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Hello and thanks for your question. CoolSculpting is not a laser treatment. It is a fat freezing treatment. However, it is the only FDA-approved treatment for fat reduction in the thighs. Results are noticeable and long lasting. In my opinion, it is far superior than the Venus freeze and legacy treatments. If your issue is more about loose skin, then you may want to consider other treatments for that. Hope this helps answer your question. For more information about CoolSculpting you can click the link below.

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