How to get rid of the pigmentation on my legs after Fraxel Laser Treatment for stretch marks?

Two years ago I had a laser treatment for my stretch mark on my legs, after it the pigmentation marks appeared. I have tried hydroquinone 2 and 4% and it slightly helps me, they bleached , but I am very scared that they will never disappear. Please advice what to do!

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Pigmentation after Fraxel Treatment

Hi Mira.  There are two options in your situation. You can try a higher strength hydroquinone (6% - 8%) or we can use laser treatments.  Both can have benefit, but the easier and cheaper option is the medication.  

To see examples of scar treatments with hydroquinone and lasers, click on the link below.

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Pigmentation from Fraxel laser

Pigmentation from Fraxel laser is a real problem.  The best treatment would be a retinoid and chemical peels. Please consult an expert.  Dr. Green

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PIH 2 years after Fraxel on legs

After 2 years, don't expect much change on its own. You can try chemical peels made for the body. Without seeing them or knowing your skin type, I can't advice you further.

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