Redness or hyperpigmentation after CO2 spot laser treatment? (Photo)

Hi I had some flat very dark freckles (almost like flat moles) that my doc removed with co2 spot treatment about a week ago... most of the spots have actually healed nicely with the exception of these two... is this normal? I ask my doc about this and she told me to wait it out another week

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Redness after CO2 laser treatment

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Redness and hyper pigmentation can occur after treatment with CO2 laser resurfacing. At only a week out from treatment, you are still very early in the healing phase so give it time and it will definitely lighten up over time. Usually at about two weeks, rarely does it take a few months to improve. Follow your doctors skin care precautions, especially sunscreen over the area to further hasten your recovery. 

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Skin color changes after laser

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It is completely normal to have redress for weeks after laser. This can even evolve into temporary pigment in the area known as 'post inflammatory hyperpigmentantion' that can then take months to resolve. You can't hasten this process but you can avoid sun to the are and use lightening agents to lessen the appearance till it resolves on its own.

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CO2 laser

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Recovery after CO2 laser can take several weeks. Having some redness in that time period is to be expected in most cases. If it persists, you can try some topical lightening agents that your doctor can prescribe. Until then, use sunblock daily and try to stay out of the sun.  Good luck! : )

P. Daniel Ward, MD
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