Proper after-care following Fraxel Refine?

I just had my first Fraxel Refine treatment. My doctor did not give me any advice on after-care, except that I should stay out of the sun (and she did not specify for how long). Is there a website that will provide more thorough after-care guidelines?

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Proper after-care following Fraxel Refine?

Thank you for your question. After care is very specific and tailored to the depth of treatment you received. It is always a good rule of thumb to have a detailed before and after care when undergoing any laser treatment. If you are unable to receive the care you need and deserve i would suggest consulting with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeons office for further care and guidence.

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Follow-up after Fraxel

Follow-up after Fraxel laser is very important.  I review weith my patients the best after care even before I schedule their treatment.  Strict sun avoidance is crucial after Fraxel laser.  I would suggest you contact the physician that treated you to review the protocol.  For the best cosmetic reslts please consult a board dermatologist who has expertise in Fraxel and other cosmetic lasers.

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Fraxel After Care

I suggest calling you doctor, my recommendations are very specific.  I have a hand out and I am particular about skin care and sun protection.  I suggest you find someone who is the same.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Fraxel After Care

Hello.  Our after care instructions for fractional laser resurfacing include sun protection as well as use of Aquaphor, a Vaseline type product that forms a protective barrier to help heal the

If your practitioner did not provide written instructions and/or access to recovery products younger think about looking for a new provider as that type of patient care policy is not typical.  

To to see photos of a 7 day recovery for laser resurfacing procedure for a Los Angeles patient, click the link below.

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