My left eye is lower than my right eye. Help! (Photo)

My left eye is lower than my right eye, and it's angled differently. Do you know what could have caused this

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My left eye is lower than my right eye. Help!

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Difficult to tell from the photo for this 3D problem. Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. The problem could be the eyelid or eyeball or orbit or combination.

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Left eye lower than right?

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Thank you for your question. The answer is that, embryologically, we all develop as two halves. The face does this as well, leading to natural asymmetries which we all have. The 'orbit' is the part of the skull surrounding the eye. On one side, the orbit may be higher or lower than the other side, and this in turn dictates the position of the eye. There can also be soft tissue differences which come into play.  Again, we all have these asymmetries, although they may be more pronounced in some individuals. As long as this is not affecting your vision, it is likely not worth attempting to correct. To modify the orbital position requires complex craniofacial reconstruction, best-performed by plastic surgeons who specialize in this area. Most of these surgeons will be found at university centers. I hope that this information is helpful.

Michael F. Bohley, MD
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