Common activities causing gummy bear implants to rupture?

Had 550cc gummy bear 2 yrs ago. Hanging & doing pullups still gives me slight pain in one breast.4 day ago I went to crossfit, did bar pullups until I felt my breast muscle fatiguing, &since felt a tenderness in my upper rib/breast area in the same side that also feels tender when I try to hang.This is the same side also with more scarring (slight keloid). What types of activities cause implants to rupture? Was told I should be able to get back to everything by 2 years PO. Should I be concerned?

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Activities Not Linked to Implant Failure


Activities don't rupture implants, time does. Based on statistics, your risk for implant failure at two years is virtually zero, but if it is, it was likely injured at the time of surgery (Neal Handel, MD, PRS article from Nov. 2014). 

If you continue having problems, then you might consider actually getting an MRI at year 3, like the FDA recommends, something I usually don't. 

Best of luck!

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