Asian Eyelid Sugery - how to find a doctor and surgery fear. (photo)

I'm overwhelmed on how to find doctors that specializes in this area. What particular things should I look for? I hear Asian eyes are different and unique than others. Also, another thing that scares me is the thought of being awake under local anesthesia. I've been on a cosmetic operating table before and I thought I was tough until I walked in the operating room where they had to knock me out immediately. What options are given to comfort patients like me?

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Asian eyelid surgery

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I would recommend in your case placement of a crease (designed with your input) and removal of some excess skin and some fat. Many Asian eyelids also have some degrees of internal muscle weakness that makes the eyes look sleepy - I suspect you have some of this and will need to be corrected at the same time in order to maximize symmetry and to have a smoother recovery period. The inner corners of your eyes may benefit from removal of the skin excess (inner epi), but this is best determined in person. Your brows will drop slightly after the operation and ideally, a procedure to maintain the brows in the current position or slightly higher would be ideal. I much prefer the procedure with you comfortable under IV sedation so that we can get you as relaxed as possible; most people do not remember much of the surgery. I spend about 30min marking out the eyelid crease design and show it to patients before going into the operating room; the procedure itself takes about 45min to 1 hr. I would grade your eyes to be about average in degree of difficulty, meaning the revision rate would be under 5% - usually for minor asymmetries. A thorough in-person evaluation or even an email consultation will make it pretty clear which doctor will be right for you. Good luck on your search. 

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Some Advice To Quell Fear Of Asian Eyelid Surgery

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The first step in the process of finding a doctor to perform Asian eyelid surgery is to look at a lot of pictures of eyelids, and determine, as precisely as you can, what changes you are trying achieve, and what kind of final result you hope to see.  It is often very helpful for a patient to bring some of these pictures to her blepharoplasty consultation, so that the surgeon can have a better understanding of what the actual expectations of the patient are.  It can be difficult for a patient new to blepharoplasty surgery to articulate exactly what she is trying to achieve; so in this instance, a picture may truly be worth a thousand words.  

In terms of choosing a surgeon for a blepharoplasty, the first place a patient turns is the internet.  Looking at a surgeon's qualifications, reviews of patients' experience with him, and before and after pictures is a start, but, in the end, there is no substitute for having an actual one on one consultation with the surgeon, and getting an idea of whether you are comfortable with him, and whether your aesthetic visions and surgical goals align.  There is frequently a choice of surgical approaches to a particular problem, as well as different ways to perform each approach, and then there are often adjunctive procedures that may be done concomitantly, or in a staged fashion, to improve the final result.  Listen carefully to what the surgeon is proposing, and try to understand the logic behind his choice of procedure(s).  In order to get a proper sense of the full array of treatment options available, it is generally helpful to schedule consultations with at least two or three surgeons so you can compare and contrast their approaches.

Lastly, it is certainly possible to insure adequate anesthesia and sedation during a blepharoplasty surgery.  When we perform upper blepharoplasty, we generally like the patient to be somewhat more deeply sedated during the middle of the surgery, and then to awaken somewhat toward the end, so that we can gauge the appearance of our Asian eyelid surgery with the patient's eyes open as well as closed.  We believe this kind of attention to detail is essential in obtaining an optimal result for each of our patients.

Peter Lee, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Look for the photo evidence and information

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Finding specialists in Asian eyelid surgery is relatively straight forward so let me go over the basics:

1.  Look for LOTS of photo evidence of their work on both the web and social media but perhaps more importantly information.  Surgeons who perform this procedure usually have a lot to share.

2.  Look for frequency.  I perform Asian eyelid surgery every working day.  In California the two most experienced Asian eyelid surgeons would be Charles Lee, MD in your area and myself.  

3.  Look for opennese.  My revision rate is about 2% as it Dr. Lee's.  William Chen, MD who may still be practicing has a similar revision rate.

4.  Understand your face and your goals and make sure the surgeon does as well.

5.  Ask to see the good and the bad.  Good outcomes, revisions, healing photos, etc.

6.  Don't cost cut.  You'll get quotes from $2000 to $5000.  You get what you pay for.

Chase Lay MD 

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Questions about asian eyelid surgery

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The first thing is to look for doctors who specialize in eyelid surgery and also experienced in Asian eyelids.  Secondly, go see them for a face to face consultation to become more educated about Asian eyelid surgery and to learn more about your options.  Lastly, it is not uncommon to feel uneasy or anxious before a procedure.  Eyelid surgery can be performed under IV sedation, among others, to keep you comfortable.  

Paul Nazemi, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

Asian eye-lid surgery

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Thank you for asking the question.

To select a surgeon for an Asian blepharoplasty, you would need to find out the credentials online whether the surgeon has enough experience with Asian blepharoplasty. Read google reviews and testimonials from the patients. Other than this it is extremely difficult to advise. The digital testimony is the best option as it tells about patient’s experiences.  For the patients who are worried about being awake in-between the procedure, most surgeons will take care of it by giving pre-procedural sedation in the form of tablet or injection, so that the patient is mildly sedated before the procedure and is not able to feel much. However, if you are too scared to under-go through local-anesthesia then do discuss with the doctor and consider getting it done in general-anesthesia.

Regards, Dr. Amit Gupta

Asian eyelid specialist

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The best way to determine who should operate on your eyes is to ask around, get a couple consultations, then look at before and after photos.  Many doctors advertise that they perform asian eyelid surgeries, but if their website shows otherwise you should look elsewhere.  Asian lids are different from non-asian lids, but anyone with significant experience in this field should be able to help.

By the way, you should consider having surgery under IV sedation.  The experience will be worth it.

Good luck.



Hugo Higa, MD
Honolulu Oculoplastic Surgeon
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