Implant removal - Does the capsule if left in the breast reabsorb into the body?

If left in does it cause distortion of the breast? What are the pros and cons of leaving the capsule in the great after the implants have been removed? Thank you

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If the capsule has calcified or the surgeon feels that the capsule should be examined by a pathologist, it is removed.  This usually determined by the surgeon at the time of surgery.    

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Part of the capsule may break down over time and resorb however the capsule is simply collagen and blood vessels that incorporated into the surrounding tissue most often

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Implant removal - Does the capsule if left in the breast reabsorb into the body?

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Thank you for the question. Don't be surprised if you receive a variety of differing responses. Generally speaking (in my opinion), unless the breast implant capsules have thickened (and/or are otherwise symptomatic), are associated with the ruptured silicone gel breast implants, or if the patient has concerns about "medical conditions" related to the breast implants, capsulectomy is not universally necessary. For these patients, en block removal of breast implants is a good procedure.
On the contrary, capsulectomy can expose patients to additional risks, such as bleeding, size loss, contour irregularities and other serious complications. In other words, any maneuver performed during surgery exposes patients to additional risk (morbidity). For example, attempting to remove very thin capsule densely adherent to the patient's rib cage may expose the patient to significant bleeding and/or entrance into the thoracic cavity.
Recently I have become more aware of the fact that there are plastic surgeons who, instead of using good judgment and individualized patient care, are causing fear and unnecessary anxiety among patients. These patients them feel that complete capsulectomy is always necessary and undergo unnecessary surgery associated with additional morbidity and unnecessary expenses.
I hope this, and the attached link, helps. Best wishes.

It depends on the capsule

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Most of the time, the capsule will resorb and not cause any problems or distortion to your breast.i have had a few patients, whose implants were in for over 20 years (one lady had her implants placed in the 1970's and had them changed out by me) and in these cases, their capsule was very thick and calcified and i think it was necessary to remove it. However, most of the time, the capsule can be left alone and will not cause any problems.
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