Why don't my teeth show enough when I smile?

When I smile, my teeth-particularly central incisors-dont show as much vertically as I would like. there are also spaces, my chin gets very wide and long, with fat/muscle bulges just below my lower lip on either side, all of which I do not like. If I go to a cosmetic dentist to get some info about correcting this, what would I need done? Xrays? Measurements? Anything in particular that he would need to discern the issue? further, how much can i expect to pay for a consult like this?

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Teeth Don't Show

A visit to a dentist who is well trained in cosmetics would entail having a full series of x-rays, making molds of your teeth in order to make study casts of them, photographing  your teeth in various mouth positions, video of you speaking, smiling and resting, evaluating your jaw joints, evaluating your gums. There is a great deal of information needed to best assess your situation. From there, you then have a discussion of the findings and recommendations along with cost. In terms of a consultation fee, that depends on the dentist and the area of the country.

This sounds like a Dental Orthopedic Problem

It is possible to do Neuromuscular cosmetic reconstruction which can give astounding cosmetic results but I would suggest you start out by being evaluated for Epigenetic Orthodontics/Orthopedics because a common cause is an underdeveloped maxilla.

Growing the maxilla will give you a full wide smile that supports your soft tissue.  Your face is determined by the underlying hard structures.  This is how TV Shows what someone looked like when only a skeleton is found,

There may be other approaches but I would definitely suggest seeing a dentist who understands the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics / Orthopedics.

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Not enough teeth shown while smiling


WIthout photos it is difficult to exactly tell you what you need.  However, X-rays, study models and photos will be important tools in order to find out exactly what needs to be done.  


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